Awards 2015

Beaumont Trophy
Services to club by non Committee member.
Colin Harrison.

Steering Competition
1st Terry Miles.

 2nd Trevor Redford.

3rd Donald Beswick.

Fiesta Racing

                                                            1st Trevor Redford

2nd Terry Miles.

3rd Dave Lee.

Club 500 Racing.
1st Michael Street 

2nd John Senior.

3rd Howard Meadowcroft.

Derrick Bingham 
Most improved yachtsman.

A Spencer 

David Swain.
1st Trevor Redford.

2nd T Miles.

3rd Dave lee.

Best Semi Scratch build.

1st Alan Breese

2nd Geoff Garside.

3rd Jeff Hatton.

Best Kit Build.
1st Geoff Garside.

2nd Dave Holland.

3rd Alan Higham

Best Scratch built
1st Terry Miles.

2nd Alan Higham.

Graham Harling Trophy.
"J" Class racing.
 1st Trevor Redford

2nd Dave Lee

3rd Bob Dunkerley.

Eddie Outen Memorial Trophy
Commodores Challenge.

Terry Miles/C Holgate.

Club 500 time trial

1st Michael Street.

2nd John Goddard.

3rd Peter Bruce.

Congratulations to all!.

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